5 Things We’ve Learned From Game of Thrones

Twinning is everything

1. It doesn’t matter how young or related to each other you are, sexytime is never off the agenda.

Unless you’re sworn to the Night’s Watch, of course: which as jobs go is only slightly less appealing than working in Poundland for free.



"By 'eck, it's grim up North"

2. In THE NORTH, everyone talks like they just emerged from a gritty British drama about brass bands and mining.

Apart from the women, who sound like they just missed out on the lead role in 2006 Helen Mirren vehicle The Queen. (Helen: you might want to watch out for direwolves).

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Game of Thrones Series 2, Episode 1: The North Remembers.

Warning, contains nuts. Wait, no, sorry- spoilers. I always get those things confused.

It’s currently almost impossible to get on any form of public transport anywhere in the UK without seeing someone reading one of George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice of Fire novels.

Since the critically acclaimed (and really rather wonderful) first season of the HBO television adaptation arrived on our screens last year, the series has exploded in popularity to the extent that we long standing fans have been forced to retreat back to our grimy hobbit holes and sneer at every Johnny Come-Lately who thinks they’ve figured out who the Prince That Was Promised really is.

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