5 Things We’ve Learned From Game of Thrones

Twinning is everything

1. It doesn’t matter how young or related to each other you are, sexytime is never off the agenda.

Unless you’re sworn to the Night’s Watch, of course: which as jobs go is only slightly less appealing than working in Poundland for free.



"By 'eck, it's grim up North"

2. In THE NORTH, everyone talks like they just emerged from a gritty British drama about brass bands and mining.

Apart from the women, who sound like they just missed out on the lead role in 2006 Helen Mirren vehicle The Queen. (Helen: you might want to watch out for direwolves).

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Spartacus: Vengeance – Series Blog – Episode Two – A Place In This World

Yes, we will be using a picture of Lucy Lawless to illustrate each episode. We love Xena.

One thing that Spartacus: Vengeance does rather well is show how Roman society ran on entirely different rules than our own. Turns out your average Roman had core assumptions and certainties that were very different from the stuff we hold self-evident.

Now certain things are universal, it’s only been two thousand years after all. For example like all sensible people, the Romans loved cheese. But they loved it differently. For a Roman a good hearty cheese binge would usually be followed by a good hearty vomiting. Nowadays such behaviour in a restaurant would have the police called promptly (outside of Wales, anyway). Read more of this post

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