Land of the Lost Wolves

"Guys! I found one!"

By Jen Lavery

Land of the Lost Wolves is a two-part documentary series focusing on attempts to track a pioneering wolf pack.

Before European settlers arrived in the United States and introduced everything moving to the shouty end of the shotgun, wolves reigned supreme, with territories spanning North America. The ‘Lookout’ pack is returning to the Cascade Mountains in Washington State from Canada, where the species retreated after over a million were killed by their new neighbours. Read more of this post

Have You Been Watching…Earthflight?

"Here come the gulls" (C) John Downer Productions - Photographer: Michael W. Richards

We’ve been spoilt for choice by nature documentaries in recent years: Life, Planet Earth, Frozen Planet, Wet Planet: the list goes on. And they’re all fantastic, whatever the haters might say.

But how do other BBC nature documentaries hold their own against these stunning Attenborough heavyweights? Well, by inventing imaginative and experimental ways to get better footage, of course.

As cameras have become smaller and tougher, the potential for wildlife film-makers has vastly increased: they can now get excellent footage without having to send the work-experience kid into a tiger’s lair. “Sorry Brian- you’ve drawn the short straw again”. Read more of this post

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