Our Food

"Bet you don't know where this came from!" "Er, the sea, Giles?" "Damn you".

By Matthew Laidlow

The BBC loves food and cookery programmes so much you’d be forgiven for thinking the licence fee was being underwritten by Tesco.

When one series finishes, another comes hurtling off the production line. And they’re usually pretty good, not to mention addictive. The majority of the population are no doubt filling their time illegally streaming ‘Masterchef: American Samoa’ while they wait for Gregg Wallace and his sidekick John Torode to yell at a bunch of contestants who haven’t peeled a carrot properly. Read more of this post


TV We Love…The Supersizers Go/Eat

Cookery programmes are so en vogue these days that the next version of CSI will probably be set in a kitchen and star Gordon Ramsey as a cantankerous forensic chef who fights crime while whipping up a nice batch of houmous.

But one thing they all have in common is that they’re set in the present. They cook modern, interesting grub like cheesecakes, sushi, bone marrow mash and endless balsamic reductions.

In fact, if you watch Heston Blumenthal it’s not so much modern as space age: he makes ice cream with liquid nitrogen, then covers it with a nice quark-gluon plasma made in his own personal hadron collider. Read more of this post

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