Land of the Lost Wolves

"Guys! I found one!"

By Jen Lavery

Land of the Lost Wolves is a two-part documentary series focusing on attempts to track a pioneering wolf pack.

Before European settlers arrived in the United States and introduced everything moving to the shouty end of the shotgun, wolves reigned supreme, with territories spanning North America. The ‘Lookout’ pack is returning to the Cascade Mountains in Washington State from Canada, where the species retreated after over a million were killed by their new neighbours. Read more of this post


Nazi Titanic: Revealed

Hollyoaks: The Third Reich

If you’re going to make a documentary about a legendary film that never quite got made, you would think that you might concentrate on something really interesting and absorbing: such as Kubrick’s lifelong attempt to make an epic about Napoleon, Gilliam heroically failing at Don Quixote, or the insane version of Dune that Alejandro Jodorowsky nearly got off the ground in the 70’s involving HR Giger, Pink Floyd and Salvador Dali.

But no, not the enquiring minds at Channel 5:  they want to reveal that the Nazis had previously made a propaganda laced version of achingly dull epic Titanic, the eventual 1997 film of which inspired a pithy review (which I’m afraid I can’t accurately quote or source) which read something like “It sinks. There, I’ve saved you three hours of your life which I myself can never get back”. Read more of this post

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