Rory McGrath’s Pub Dig

"Can I have a beer now please?"

According to the blurb, Rory McGrath’s Pub Dig is ‘two blokes and a digger’ (they forgot the entourage of skivvies helping out) exploring the history of some of Britain’s oldest public houses.

If you’re thinking it sounds a bit like Time Team with a remit of pubs alone, then you’d be right. Despite Channel Five’s best efforts to repackage this as something other than a Time Team rip off, it’s still…..well, a Time Team rip off, frankly.

‘Time Gentleman Please’ Team might have been a better name. Read more of this post


Strictly Baby Disco

Baby Gaga

The title of Channel 4’s ‘Strictly Baby Disco’ documentary is pretty misleading.

Firstly: there aren’t actually any babies involved. Yes, the kids involved are all under 10, but anyone expecting a real-life version of that Evian ad with the computer generated cherubic breakdancers will be disappointed.

Secondly, you’d think that the ‘disco’ referred to in the title was self-explanatory, right? There are many strange things about this programme, but the most baffling of all is that the dancing portrayed is definitely not disco dancing as we know it. Believe me, if you tried to impress with any of these moves down your local Jumpin’ Jacks, the best you could hope for (other than public ridicule and humiliation) would be a swift exit in a straightjacket. Read more of this post

The Fixer

If you’ve ever seen The Hotel Inspector, you’ll be familiar with Alex Polizzi, the no-nonsense hotel heiress who has been doing her best to wean the country’s second-rate B&Bs off their tastes for pot pourri and dubious erotic art.

But that was on Five. In her new BBC2 incarnation she’s known as ‘The Fixer’. Despite what the name might suggest, this doesn’t mean she’s embarked on a new career as a drug dealer on the back streets of America, but in fact that she’s sticking her nose into people’s failing businesses and trying to work out where they’ve gone wrong.

In this first episode we visit Courtyard Bridalwear in Kettering, run by Anne Priest and her two squabbling daughters Bethan and Rhiannon. Read more of this post

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