The Undateables

On the surface, this seemed like another thinly veiled Channel 4 point-and-gawp freak show.

But instead of a body horror celebration with a ridiculous title that would make it sound like a lesser known Stieg Larsson book (The Boy Whose Skin Fell Off, anyone?), the trailers for this one painted an image of a show that was going to be more about watching a group of telly defined misfits falling flat on their collective faces trying to find love.

As you can no doubt imagine, I had my fingernails sharpened and my typing fingers ready to carve it to shreds. Read more of this post

Strictly Come Dancing 2011. Finally, some dancing.

Having now watched my second and third episodes of Strictly, I think I know how it goes now. It’s just a shame that Bruce doesn’t.

It’s a show about dancing.

One would assume that he was over this by now. He’s not. He insists on making eyebrow raising, rib jabbing jokes about the blokes that are taking part in the show at every opportunity he gets and frankly it’s a bit sad. Surely a show that revels in its campness like this one should maybe be looking for another host? At the very least, rein the current one in a bit. Bruce’s jokes fall into three categories. Sexist, homophobic or just plain terrible, but the first two can fall into the third category with ease.

It seems my assumptions about the judges are true too. Craig seems to be nasty but not pantomime nasty. Just horrible. He seems to think it’s his job to metaphorically piss on everyone’s ciggies whilst Len gives him the sideye. Alesha tries to say something nice like a kid desperately trying to stop mummy and daddy divorcing whilst Bruno is so far on his own planet he’s one of the Jetsons. I’m yet to find a use for Tess. She just stands at the top of the stairs and asks people how they’re feeling whilst doing some rudimentary adding up. Read more of this post

Strictly Come Dancing 2011 – Launch show

Photo credit: BBC

I have to confess to coming to this as a Strictly Virgin, which I know makes me sound like a bit like a nun or a school for masochists run by Richard Branson, but bear with me.

Anyone that knows me or has a vague passing relationship with me on the internet knows that camp Saturday night reality shows are so totally my thing but for some reason this has passed me by. It might be that I still attach it to the memories of Angela Rippon and a dusty hall somewhere in the back of Blackpool, but it’s probably got more to do with the fact that they’ve never really had any celebrities on that are of any interest to me.

So, in the interests of science I decided to take a look on behalf of Tellysquawks.  It turned out that Saturday’s episode was more of a launch mat, where we meet our celebrities and they get to know who they’ve been paired with before they go off to train for three weeks and the series starts proper. I have learned from Twitter that this is a VERY IMPORTANT process and being paired with the wrong professional dancer can make or break you. Read more of this post

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