Catch Up With…Homeland

"Hey, drop your pants big guy- I'm feeling a bit 'mood disordery', if you know what I mean."

It’s been a mere eight weeks since Homeland first arrived on our screens. And what an eight weeks it has been.

Much has changed for CIA agent Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) in this seemingly short time. For one, she has gone from being so busy in the first episode she didn’t even have time to clean her vagina properly, to being able to simply disappear to a cabin in the woods for a couple of days to get drunk and have extremely unwise sex with US marine and suspected double agent Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis).

It was that plot twist that made clear why Danes’ character had been written with an unspecified ‘mood disorder’ . In keeping with the grand history of on-screen depictions of mental illness in females, this mainly seems to present itself in her being more than happy to have sex with whatever’s handy; so perhaps we shouldn’t have been too surprised when Agent Mathison’s quest to get inside Brody’s head made a few pit-stops in his pants.

Brody could be forgiven for taking on a bit of extra-curricular humping, given that he’s just discovered his wife Jessica and best friend Mike were keeping each other warm while he was busy getting pissed on and beaten with barbed-wire sticks- when he was a prisoner, that is. What he gets up to in his own time is up to him.

But what’s Mathison’s deal? Is she really just that unstable? Does she genuinely feel a connection with him, or is she simply trying to build the world’s thinnest case against Brody? For although many forms of torture are now accepted by the US government as ways of gleaning information, ‘I shagged it out of him’ is still probably not going to sit well with her bosses.

As it turns out, she does have feelings for Brody, but will only admit this after discovering the American prisoner of war turned by Al Qaeda is in fact Walker, the marine captured with him. Walker has so far evaded investigation by faking an acute case of beaten-to-death-by-Brody-on-the-orders-of-our-evil-captors, the scamp.

Mathison’s admission of her feelings came to late for surprisingly-ineffectual-death-beater Brody, who now knows she suspected him of being an enemy agent.

Will they make up, or will Brody and Jessica decide to give marriage another go? Will Mathison keep her job? Will Walker be stopped before he carries out an atrocity? An if Walker is the terrorist, why was Brody held captive for so long?

And how did captured terrorist Afzal Hamid get his hands on the razor he used to commit suicide? Were the results of the first lie detector test taken by Mathison’s boss Saul really just a symptom of unrelated stress, or did he have a hand in it?

All is expected to be revealed in the next few weeks, but something tells me we shouldn’t expect a happy ending.


Homeland is on Sundays, Channel 4 at 9pm (i.e, in a minute). You can catch up on 4od here

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