American Horror Story Series Blog: Episodes Ten and Eleven

"Congratulations! It's a The Antichrist"

Episode 10: Smouldering Children.

In a development that was entirely expected, episode 10 of American Horror Story featured a shocking twist that made absolutely no sense.

Apparently Violet Harmon, troubled daughter of the Harmon family, died four episodes ago and has been a ghost ever since.

I was initially quite chuffed when they revealed this, as I’d had an inkling this might be the case and I’m generally a bit dim when it comes to things like that.

For example, the first time I saw the Sixth Sense I thought Bruce Willis was a good actor.

Apparently Violet Harmon successfully killed herself a few weeks back and wasn’t saved by her creepy ghost boyfriend Tate as the show seemed to suggest.

Tate’s master plan this week was to get her to kill herself again so she would realize she was dead and thus be happy to stay in the Murder House with him.

Of course thinking about it, the fact that Violet didn’t realize she was a ghost is probably the dumbest plot point on a show absolutely full of them. She didn’t realize she didn’t have to eat for two weeks, never once tried to leave the house, or paused to figure out why she could actually see all the other ghosts in the house for a change.

And this is a young woman who could have gone to Harvard, her father proudly informed us this week.

Not realizing you’re dead is so stupid it makes the women on ‘I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant’ (sadly this is a real show, look it up) look like regular Sherlock Holmeses. (Holmesi?)

Equally stupid was Tate’s plan for convincing Violet to commit suicide again. For some reason, this involved him once again donning the full body rubber gimp suit, this time to attack her father, Ben Harmon, as he walked out of the shower. There was absolutely no reason for him to do this other than to feature two minutes of a man wearing a very tiny towel wrestle with a guy in fetish wear.

Disappointingly for all you ladies, gay men, bisexuals and ‘not sures’ out there, despite what appeared to be a very vigorous grapple, Ben Harmon’s towel remained in place throughout. He must have access to some revolutionary towel tying technology because I can’t even walk to the fridge for a post shower lump of cheese without exposing myself to all and sundry. Which, in hindsight, is almost certainly why I was fired from my childminding job.

This week also saw the cops haul in the mighty Constance with the intention of charging her with the murder of her toy boy/ dogwalker Travis, as well as expressing an interest in the fact that a huge number of people close to her had died in mysterious circumstances over the years.

Fortunately, thanks to the intervention of a unpleasantly stubbled lawyer, not to mention Burnt Face Man unexpectedly and inaccurately confessing to the murder of  Travis, she was left free to chew the scenery another day.

The other development was that Vivienne Harmon is set to be released from the mental hospital where her husband so generously placed her a few weeks back. The stage is set for a rip roaring Antichrist birth next week. It’ll be like a One Born Every Minute/ The Exorcist mashup.

Episode 11: The Birth

In the end it was actually kind of tasteful. After ten weeks of pregnancy horror, the scene where Vivienne Harmon gave birth to her twins (one of whom is the Antichrist, just in case you hadn’t realised) wasn’t the blood baked orgy of insanity I was expecting.

Granted the doctor and nurse who delivered the children were both ghosts, but that’s hardly surprising at this point. Also the way the powerless, candlelit Murder House was contrasted in flashbacks to the light drenched hospital where Vivienne gave birth to her first child Violet was quite effective. I’m not going to say it was moving or anything, but it was surprisingly restrained, and all the better for it.

Prior to that moment, the episode  was largely taken up with ghostly wrangling over who was going to take charge on the twins when they were born.

First up was the Murder House’s first wife whose experience raising a monstrous Frankenstein goblin child appears not to have put her off babies.

Equally desperate to nab a wean were Zachary Quinto-Ghost and boyfriend who were redecorating the nursery with the intention of looking after the babies til they were a year old then smothering them so they stay cute forever, in what I believe is known as the ‘Louise Woodward’ strategy of child rearing.

This provoked a very strong reaction from Constance, who added profound homophobia to last week’s searing racism in her list of lovable Southern quirks, as well as her reiterating her desire to mother her Antichrist ‘grandbaby’.

As a result we got an almighty bitch fest between Zachary Quinto-Ghost  and Constance: probably the highlight of the series so far.

In response Constance manipulated Violet in an attempt to banish her gay baby rival. This involved using the legend of Roanoke,  which was good because that’s a great tale. Also, it was a total failure as far as banishing goes, which was quite funny.

Ultimately ZQG relinquished his plans for the baby, as he realised he and his ghost partner would be miserable  stuck together for eternity in the Murder House with or without kids. Which was just depressing really.

However he did do Violet the favour of finally pointing out that her ghostly boyfriend Tate is a horrible, school shooting, gay bashing, mother raping monster. Granted she probably should have figured all that out herself, but having finally got the knowledge she did a decent job of standing up for herself and driving away her not so perfect boyfriend.

Meanwhile the first wife was stealing away the apparently stillborn first twin, while Constance was cooing over the apparently ‘beautiful’ antichrist child.

And Vivienne…Well Vivienne was dead. Turns out giving birth to the Antichrist does not do wonders for your health.

And because she dies in the murder house, yup. She’s a ghost.

Which leaves poor old dumb as a rock Ben Harmon, living alone in the Murder House. Chances of him surviving the finale episode next week? Zero.

Weird ‘Ryan Murphy Hates Pregnancy’ moment of the week.

The term ‘alpha fetus’ is pretty much just the worst thing.

Awesome Constance moment of the week

‘The only study I know is the study of blood and pain’ she spits at Zachary Quinto- Ghost. Oh Constance, I’ll miss your mad ways.

Genuine Fright of the Week

The goblin faced thing in the basement made it’s longest apperance to date in the opening scene and it was awful. If I wanted to stare at a malformed goblin I’d tune into That Sunday Night Show on ITV1


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2 Responses to American Horror Story Series Blog: Episodes Ten and Eleven

  1. I must be *incredibly* dense not to have worked out the Violet twist, especially as I guessed what the deal was with the Sixth Sense about halfway through, but I do seem to find myself in a bit of an all-accepting never-questioning stupor when watching this programme.

    And what was up with that towel – no fair!

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