American Horror Story Series Blog: Episode 8- Rubber Man

Gimp suits= slankets for sex weirdos.

This week on American Horror Story: we learned what it’s like to live life as a ghost, were shown the entire history of one particular rubberized sex outfit and Mum Harmon was put into a madhouse by her husband.

It was like a spooky festive Dickens novel…with sex outfits.

Throwing your other half into a mental hospital is one way to ‘win’ a divorce, certainly. If you’re going to divorce your pregnant wife, might as well throw in a sectioning. No point in half measures.

That was very much  a side issue of this episode though. The real story was, of course, the tale of the rubber gimp suit, which we learned in excruciating detail.

Apparently the last owner of the Murder House,  Zachary Quinto-Ghost, bought it to try and keep his boyfriend’s wandering eyes from wandering. Sadly, he didn’t realise his boyfriend was into leather rather than full body encasing rubber suits. Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

Poor Zachary Quinto-Ghost.

The suit was then adopted by murderous ghost boy (and daughter Harmon’s boyfriend-keep up) Tate, who wore it to rape Mum Harmon in the first episode. Horrible. Apparently he did this because he wanted to give another one of the female ghosts in the house a child to look after.

One might question how that desire is squared with his love for Daughter Harmon: or his willingness to carry out school shootings. Don’t worry though, this is not a logical or sense-making show. Best pop those plot holes into a mental recycling bin if you want to stay sane (if you don’t, you know where you’ll end up).

Tate’s desire to be a Big Brother style ‘player’/woman pleaser in the Big Ghost House is exploited by its most recent ghostly immigrant, Hayden: the former mistress of Dad Harmon.

Because she was pregnant when Dad Harmon helped to kill her and bury under a hastily constructed gazebo (Brookside style) she now has one overriding wish: to steal Mum Harmon’s baby and raise it as her own. Also, she’s horny all the time, just to further underline the programme’s lack of regard for feminist principles.

Along the way she conveniently reveals the rules of living in the Murder House which were more or less as you’d expect: can’t leave the house, can’t be harmed, is a ghost etc. As is so often the way, having this stuff spelt out makes the ghosts far less tangible and interesting than they were when everything about them was mysterious.

That’s the fundamental problem with horror stories of all kinds. At some point the audience expects you to reveal what the monster actually is, but it will never be as terrifying, weird or interesting as what they imagine (unless it’s Adrian Chiles). That’s one of the reasons why- despite spawning a million spoofs and nausea-inducing ‘shakycam’ homages- The Blair Witch Project was so effective: no big reveal, just snotty terror and some bloody hand prints on the wall.

In any case, Hayden is determined to use her ghostly powers to drive Mum Harmon mad because she believes that if she’s committed she’ll get to raise her unborn child.

However, this is an utterly idiotic idea because if she’s taken away to an institution the baby will be out of the ghost’s reach. Again, this is not a sense making show. Not a sense making show.

Hayden ultimately succeeds in her plan to section Mum Harmon, partly aided by Tate but mainly by the quite astonishing stupidity of Dad Harmon.

One thing I will say for Dylan McDermott: he is convincing at playing a very stupid man. He’s got a real handle on it.

It’s still unbelievably callous and dumb (especially as he’s meant to be a professional therapist) but ‘unbelievable, callous and dumb’ is AHS’s motto, so in that respect I wasn’t really surprised.

Weird ‘Ryan Murphy Hates Pregnancy’ moment of the week

‘I want what’s in your womb’ screams Hayden to Mum Harmon. Who could say no to that?

Awesome Constance moment of the week.


Genuine Fright of the Week

Hayden’s poltergeist impression was fairly  effective. Yikes.


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