New Girl

'Look how kooky I am! I HAVE MY ARMS IN THE AIR!'

There are some gentlemen of my acquaintance who bloody love Zooey Deschanel. To them she’s as fragrant as Mary Archer, as intoxicating as day old moonshine and as cute as button made out of kitten dreams.

Don’t see it myself. She’s a bit too Manic Pixie Dream Girl for my taste.

People who are self self-appointedly ‘kooky’ are primarily just avoiding adulthood. It’s all very well singing songs about glockenspiels falling in love with mermaids in a band where you’re dressed as a unicorn…but only if you’re 15 or under. It’s not okay when you’re 30.

Given those…’issues’, I was a tad biased against New Girl, Ms Deschanel’s new comedy programme, as she plays a version of herself called Jess who is very kooky indeed. She discovers her boyfriend going at it like knives with another woman and as a result she is forced to move in with three male roommates, who are rather perplexed at the prospect of having to share their home and lives with a woman.

And comedy hijinks ensue!

No, really. They do. Just for once, I’m not being sarcastic.

This is a funny show. OK, there are plenty of rather dull ‘women are like this, but men are like that!’ gags and some of the episode plots are very well worn, but both gags and plots are amusing nevertheless.

Now this is less to do with Deschanel than the rest of the cast. She’s puts in an adequate performance and is essentially ok, although that does depend rather on your tolerance for kook.

But it’s the three male leads who really shine. They have great chemistry and bounce off each other nicely (no, not like that. Don’t be so grubby). The break out star is probably Mac Greenfield as Schimdt, a man whose douchily unpleasant behaviour is rapidly revealed to be the offshoot of a lifetime of underlying neuroses.

In addition you can also almost hear the thrum of the dozen highly skilled American comedy writers in the background who pack the script absolutely full of decent gags.

In addition to being funny, the programme also seems to have the potential to grow into a great ‘hangout’ show along the lines of Friends or Cheers. Now obviously they were funny in their own right, but the characters where so well drawn and portrayed that watching them felt like dropping in on an actual friend. A tiny one that lived in the TV who you couldn’t talk to.

Now New Girl isn’t at anything like that level yet, but there’s a ease of motion to its early episodes that suggests it might get there.

And at the end of the day, if you have absolutely no tolerance for kooky ladies you can just pretend this is a show about three men who adopt a mentally ill person: you’ll still get some entertainment value out of it.


New Girl is on Channel 4, Fridays, 8.30pm

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One Response to New Girl

  1. Hilary Wardle says:

    This programme made me do laughs out of my face. A rare occurrence.

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