American Horror Story Series Blog – Episode 6 – Piggy Piggy

Gillian McKeith's looking well

This week’s American Horror Story focused on one of the oldest, most romantic love stories of them all:

Boy goes on killing spree in school, then gets shot by police, then becomes a ghost for seventeen years, then starts wooing the daughter of his ex-therapist until she finds out he went all ‘Columbine’ and tries to kill herself, then he stops her and they get back together.

Ah, the old ones really are the best.

However, given the dark and twisted nature of the show we can be certain there’s no chance of a happy ending for troubled Violet Harmon and even-more-troubled ghost boy Tate.

Now, I’m no bigot. I’m even prepared to say I don’t think you should break up with someone just because they turn out to be a ghost, although as discussed last week I’d want some clarification on whether or not Whoopi Goldberg would have to be involved every time you wanted to get frisky.

But even I’d draw the line at finding you the object of your affections has carried out a school shooting. It surely has to be some kind of universal dealbreaker. I don’t care if you think you can fix them, if they’re just misunderstood or even if they have a secret sensitive side only you can see: you have to get out of there.

As an aside, early in our relationship the now-wife and I were discussing what the other could do that would justify breaking up. She said infidelity, I said passing state secrets to enemy nation during wartime.

You have to know where you stand.

However, if your beau confesses to thinking Bowling for Columbine is the sexiest film they’ve ever seen, you run.

In this vein, the opening scene of this week’s show was a rather graphic depiction of exactly how Tate shot up his school. It was the kind of thing this show does from time to time in that it was very intense, rather upsetting and completely out of whack tonally with everything else in the episode. It was like sticking a graphic cow-sex scene in Glee.

It certainly had nothing in common with the scene were Mum Harmon eats a brain because the maid and her neighbour Constance have convinced her it will be good for her unborn child.

This may well the case, to be fair, as so far we’ve received a large number of hints that said child is in fact the Antichrist, a development that’s certain to do absolutely nothing to take the edge off the show’s crazier instincts.

As for the brain eating scene itself, frankly it was dumb as a rock. I like Connie Britton a lot as an actress and she approached this scene very gamely but outside of Scotland (we really do love our offal) there are no conceivable situations where that character wouldn’t run screaming from the prospect; and yet there she was, happily chewing away.

Solely, we must assume, because the writers decided that was the crazy thing they were going to show us this week (‘what about graphic cow sex, Ryan?’ ‘Nah, save that for Glee’).

At this point this show really is just a collection of crazy, weird, horrific yet strangely captivating scenes. By any conventional way of judging whether a TV show is good or bad American Horror Story is very bad, but, like a heavily pregnant woman at a brain-buffet, for some unknown reason I keep coming back for more.

Weird ‘Ryan Murphy Hates Pregnancy’ moment of the week

A lot to choose from, but Mum Harmon’s dream where she sensuously oils her vastly swollen belly before the foetus starts trying to claw its way out of her innards is a worthy winner.

Awesome Constance moment of the week

Most of her time this week was spent smoking and drinking with her new pal, a rather spicily elegant medium. Once more Jessica Lange absolutely nailed it when she had to tell her dead Down Syndrome daughter (via the medium of a Medium) all the things she was never able to say while she was alive.

It should have been awful, but instead it was amazing. Jessica Lange has two Oscars and three kids: she might actually be the greatest woman alive.

Genuine Fright of the Week

The piggy pig man of the title was pretty damn monstrous. He emerged from the nightmares of one of Dad Harmon’s therapy patients who was terrified of urban legends. If you didn’t have a fear of half human half pig serial killers before watching this episode you probably do now.


American Horror Story is on FX, Mondays at 10pm

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