American Horror Story Series Blog – Episode 5 – Halloween (part 2)

SPOILER ALERT: This week on American Horror Story, we learned that everyone is a ghost. Everyone!

Well not everyone, but close enough: a fact that was actually entirely obvious now it’s been revealed.

The rules of the AHSiverse seem to be that everyone killed in the ‘Murder House’ is a ghost, but they can only leave the confines of the building on Halloween, like undead offshore oil rig workers being helicoptered into Aberdeen town centre for their annual jolly night on the tiles…but with less violence.

What’s particularly interesting about all this is that the deceased inhabitants of Little Murder House on the Not-Prairie all seem to have very different agendas and a lot of this week’s action saw them working at cross purposes.

First Wife Ghost seems desperate to have a baby born in the house, Zachary Quinto wants to somehow repair his relationship with his dead boyfriend and Frances ‘Dead Maid’ Conroy seems to want to die forever.

This ‘Big Brother: Zombie Edition’ side of AHS focussing on the infighting and machinations of a bunch of ghosts is one I can really get behind. However, I’m less on board with the side that focuses on the Harmon’s martial discord.

This week they were menaced by the ghost of Dad Harmon’s dead mistress, who took advantage of Halloween to flip out at Mum Harmon and claim that Dad H loved her the most. Remember, this was a man who helped kill her and hide her body under a gazebo, so I can only assume she either had exceptionally  low standards and/or is one of Fred West’s ex girlfriends.

She also pretended to microwave the family dog, which frankly is a bit much.

More interesting were the adventures of Daughter Harmon, a.k.a. Violet.

Her boyfriend Tate, ex-patient of her therapist father and generally odd egg was also revealed to be a) a ghost, and b) the son of the magnificent Constance.

Venturing into the outside world for a ‘date’ with young Violet, he failed to have sex with her, which would suggest that ghost human sex is not possible in the AHSiverse: although Mum Harmon did have that ‘encounter’ with the ghost gimp in episode one. Hmm.

Maybe Tate could jump into someone else’s body to do it, like in that Demi Moore film…you know, the one with the Ghost. What’s that called again?

Ah yes: Striptease.

Anyway, there’s this bit in it where dead Patrick Swayze gets to fondle the living Demi Moore, even though he is inside Whoopi Goldberg’s body at the time. I’ve forgotten the point I’m trying to make, but basically: it’s a weird scene.

Actually if American Horror Story doesn’t recreate it at some point, I’ll be stunned. Although knowing AHS as I do, it’ll probably be incredibly graphic and feature the kind of pig sex that even Charlie Brooker wouldn’t dare dream of.

Violet may have been disappointed by Tate, but some other people were very pleased to see him. It turns out Tate was responsible for a very unpleasant school shooting while alive and some of his victims were out for vengeance.

As it turns out, the victims were actually quite nice, adding a different angle to Tate’s excuses about how terrible high school was, how mean the jocks and popular kids were etc.

High school may be have unpleasant for you, they argue, but it’s just your reality: going all Columbine shatters everyone’s.

OK, so it’s hardly groundbreaking stuff, but enough of a curveball to indicate a bit more thought is being put into this (essentially ludicrous) programme.

Weird ‘Ryan Murphy Hates Pregnancy’ moment of the week – Dead Mistress Hayden attempts to carry out an abortion on Mum Harmon with a shard of glass.

Awesome Constance Line of The Week – ‘Tate craves your strength’ she tells Violet, sucking down a fag (note for U.S. readers- this means ‘gay man’ in British slang) Not a line a lot of mothers use to prospective daughters in law.

Genuine Fright of the Week – The battered yet grasping child’s arm reaching out from beneath the chair. Ugh….


American Horror Story is on FX on Monday nights from 10pm


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