The Killing Series 2 Blog, Episodes Five and Six

"If this box has got dinosaurs in it, I'm going to forbrydel you"

This week we had planned to unveil the The Killing 2 Drinking Game – an exciting new way to expand your enjoyment of this series into the arena of social inebriation.

The rules are very simple: each person chooses one of the following events, then every time it happens they are encouraged to shout “Skol!” and take a quick swig of their drink (ideally Akvavit or Gløgg)

Events to choose from:
1. That three note piano thing happens to let you know to pay attention.
2. Brix looks like he might be about to say something, but then doesn’t quite manage it.
3. Buch the justice minister eats something.
4. Someone shouts “Lund!” in an exasperated way
5. A man wears camouflage in an environment where it offers him no camouflage at all.
6. A shifty look.

Unfortunately we had to abandon the game due to the acquisition of a stinking cold – and also with only eight cases of beer and twelve bottles of wine we wouldn’t have had enough booze to get through the first half an hour of this week’s double-bill.

Anyway, enough apologising…

Typical isn’t it? You dodge one C4 explosive trap and then blunder straight into another. The exploding motorboat didn’t just signal the death of Thompson, the latest member of the-possibly-involved-in-a-war-crime army unit at the centre of The Killing 2’s plot, it also signalled the sad demise of my cuisine fixated serial killer theory – a theory I had little time to mourn as a derisive snort of “Haven’t these people seen The Bodyguard?” came from the other end of the sofa.

As is traditional, our ‘man on the run’ Raben was conveniently nearby when this all played out, which is all in a day’s work for him. Also on his to-do list is dealing with a strangely naïve weapons dealer and playing the old empty gun trick on his last remaining former comrade: the shifty priest who presides over the least busy church in the world.

None of this is doing much for the mental state of everyone’s favourite crusading sociopath, Sarah Lund.

Convinced the military angle is the one that should be followed, she drags Strange and Brix along with her through sheer stubbornness, all the while continuing to present a countenance to the world at large which suggests that she just sold all her shares in Apple and ploughed the lot into a speculative scheme involving Iranian holiday timeshares.

Despite doing his best to put her off (by quite literally waving his cock at her) part time love-rat and full time Aryan army officer Skogaard is in her obsessive sights.

Not believing his story that the rumoured war criminal “Perk” actually died messily some time ago, she somehow persuades everyone that the death was faked and therefore the coffin used for the sham funeral must be empty and should be dug up right away.

Only problem is: it isn’t empty.

With both Lund’s mental state and the police’s reputation in more pieces than the occupant of the coffin, those at the top are demanding someone to take the blame. Neil Tennant’s reanimated corpse (a.k.a. Lennert Brix) takes her badge and gun,  leaving her facing the twin horrors of both her dull customs job and the wedding of her mother to definite video pervert (and former territorial soldier, plot hint fans) Bjorn.

Meanwhile there is all sorts of steely-eyed chicanery going on between the surprising small group of people who run Denmark.

In between manfully dodging salads, our more socially adjusted crusading hero, Buch, has realised that the mysterious activities of his predecessor also extend to the Walken-haired defence minister.

He’s even got the terrifying prime minister looking a bit nervous and giving him 24 hours to investigate further, phrases about people being given sufficient quantities of rope come to mind.

We end up with the bodycount notching up by one and a half more, as the formerly comatose former justice minister spills a few more secrets to Buch and then decides to go for a spot of exercise. A form of exercise which involves falling a long way onto his face.

It’s either murder, suicide (unlikely) or a new form of Extreme Zumba.

Meanwhile the badgeless, gunless Lund pitches up at the not-at-all surprisingly deserted church to find that the priest has been messed up and crucified by a passing DIY enthusiast with some gaffer tape.

Still breathing, the priest coughs blood all over the shop but before Lund can question him, a shadowy figure legs it from the darkness, raising the following questions:

– Would the killer really run away?
– Has Lund got any chance of catching him in those boots?
– Just when is little Jonas finally going to snap and scream “Actually I really hate Dragons. They scare me tremendously. Yet you continue to torment me with them in my every waking moment. You people are sick.” ?

I guess we’ll find out a little bit more next week, but until then here is the important bit:

Christine’s Knitwear Watch

“The exposed upper chest region of Jumper #3 is proven to be effective in persuading colleagues to undertake particularly unconventional or macabre detection strategies. The subtly revealing style is also typically employed to extract intelligence from senior military personnel, but has been known to result in awkward stalemate situations when questioning suspects of equal or higher nudity value.”

Guess at the end of Episode 6

The murderer is:


1. He has been brainwashed in some kind of Manchurian Candidate scheme to nip out of prison in a trance and kill people/set up explosives then go back and pop his feet up in his cell, presumably reading a Danish translation of Catcher In The Rye.
2. He is the pawn of the undoubtedly dodgy Defence minister and his despotic hair.
3. He possibly has, like, an evil twin or something – that Lund is now chasing out of that church.


The Killing II is on BBC4 on Saturday nights at 9pm

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3 Responses to The Killing Series 2 Blog, Episodes Five and Six

  1. Blimey says:

    The grave will have been dug up before me thinks?
    Like the idea that Raben is being drugged and that crossed my mind
    Buch gets better by the week

    Finally, as enjoyable as this series is, it doesn’t flow as smoothly as the previous one and some of the story lines are as dodgy as Lund’s dress worn at her mothers wedding!

    Good stuff though all the same

  2. Diana says:

    All very possible at this stage.

    Cant see the Raban drugged bit myself but that assistant of Buchs is definitely suspect ………always distracting him and giving him sideways glances ..then producing information out of the air.,.. she either wants a shag or is a plant

    Some of this is all rather like a Stig Larsson novel – innocent person locked up in mental asylum – someone called Lisbeth whose a bit butch – renegade soldier being protected ……

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