The Killing: Series 2, The Trailer

It shouldn’t be too long until gripping Danish whodunnit The Killing (aka Forbrydelsen) makes a return to the ‘please don’t shut it down’ schedules of BBC4. To get us interested the Beeb are screening a trailer which you can check out via the modern marvel of the iPlayer.

What facts can we glean from this dark couple of minutes?

1. They’re sticking with mysterious, foreboding and grim:  from the mysterious call to the emergency services, to the foreboding graveyard action and the grim discovery of a body tied to a tree. It definitely looks like business as usual; can’t imagine the Danish tourist board are thrilled.

2. Torches seem likely to feature heavily again.

3. The guvnor, Lennart Brix has kept his job despite the political shenanigans at the close of the first series and is loping about the place like a cross between Herman Munster and an undertaker on stilts.

4. The name Anne is pronounced Anna in Denmark, or the translator was having a really bad day.

5. On a similar note, the sound of the Danish dialog in this series will probably once again remind me of the Swedish chef from The Muppet Show on downers. The “she was stabbed 21 times…” bit could be him, still ranting about chickens in the mushy grip of a week long Tamazepam binge.

6. The murder scene looks like an especially subversive effort by an Ikea shop dresser to inject a bit of drama into your visit as you stroll past the ready-made rooms on your way to buy a Billy bookcase and some cheap wine glasses.

7. The deeply taciturn Sophie Grabol as Sarah Lund is still wearing the grim expression of a woman who has just remembered that she left the car parked in a twenty minute space two hours ago. One thing that she isn’t wearing is one of those iconic ‘yeah, well, I got it for Christmas’ jumpers that threatened to become the main talking point of the first series.

Fortunately for Scandinavian knitwear fans, there is a picture of her wearing a full-on red granny number on the BBC website. It properly fills out the whole mise-en-scene along with the looming Brix and a bloke who has surly, impetuous sidekick written all over him. I imagine he is the Jan Meyer replacement and that he will hopefully **SPOILER ALERT** know better than to go chasing around any foreboding warehouses in the dark.

8. As addictive as the plot will be, as convincing as the acting will no doubt turn out, the music is probably still going to be just a little bit naff.

full on red granny jumper action

The Killing Series 2 is coming soon to BBC Four


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One Response to The Killing: Series 2, The Trailer

  1. cheryl rich says:

    When is it coming to BBC Four?!!

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