Doctor Who: Let’s Kill Hitler Preview

The second half of the sixth series of the rebooted version of Doctor Who (still with me? Good) starts next Saturday with the intriguingly titled ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’. Here’s what the interweb is saying about it:

Quite a few lucky media types got to see a full length press screening of the episode at the BFI. That’s the British Film Institute, by the way, rather than a well known purveyor of flat pack kitchens and bathrooms at affordable prices. Most of us, however, will have to make do with this prequel (warning, contains spoilers. Also, have a hanky ready…for your eyes, I should add. That wasn’t aimed at excitable Karen Gillan fans):

Wow…amazing stuff. Here are some reactions from fans:

I just watched the prequel for “Let’s Kill Hitler” and my heart fell out of my chest.
August 17, 2011
Nearly cried after watching the prequel to ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’ #doctorwho
August 16, 2011
Damn you Doctor Who Series 6.2 prequel trailer thing making me cry. Oh Amy. Oh Doctor. Oh River… but mostly Oh Amy right now.
August 18, 2011

I think we can all agree that the people above are total wusses. I was entirely unmoved by…hang on a minute, er…*wipes tear from eye*.

So, what do the lucky critics who’ve seen the whole episode think?

Doctor Who returns from its mid-series break with Let’s Kill Hitler. Here’s our spoiler-free take on the episode…
Anne Lane
August 15, 2011

Den of Geek: “This is Steven Moffat on fire, with comfortably one of his funniest Doctor Who scripts yet. Certainly the audience we watched it with were guffawing loudly, and rightly so. The dialogue is sharp, fast, snappy, and delivered with skill and experience by the cast. But the ideas, too, are really to be cherished. While finding time to broaden the overarching narrative of the series, Moffat squeezes in, just to give a flavour of what to expect, a crop circle, Adolf Hitler, a nice nod to the Terminator movies and a very well placed banana. There are loads of little things like that, dotted right throughout the episode.”

Doctor Who — Let’s Kill Hitler: viewers are in for a real treat

You’ll love the new series for Doctor Who – I just can’t tell you why because I’m sworn to secrecy There was a thing in the middle of the trailer at the end of the Let’s Kill Hitler screening last night. I was going to tell you what they were.

Guardian: “All I can tell you is that it’s really rather good. And after my underwhelmed reaction to A Good Man Goes To War and all its kitchen sinks, it makes for a strong, standalone, character-based episode that manages to carry the weight of the entire series, while making perfect poetic sense. The series is heading in a bravely “hard sci-fi” direction for sure — the inevitable chat will be what the fabled “casual viewer” will make of it all. Yet as Moffat also pointed out: “Assuming an intelligent audience is a good idea and judging by our ratings, it’s been a successful idea.”

So- based on the reviews for Let’s Kill Hitler (not to mention the truly mouthwatering trailer for the other episodes above) it certainly seems that Series 6: Part the Second is going to be great. Cybermen with exploding heads? Well placed bananas? What more could you possibly want?

But don’t just take my word for it:

Have just seen the new Doctor Who trailer and I am suitably excited!!!
August 18, 2011
See: I’m not alone. LumpyJay shares my enthusiasm.
The Doctor returns on Saturday, August 27th at 7:10pm – see you all then!


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