Torchwood: ‘Miracle Day’, Episode 3

Potential apocalypses (apocalypi?) are stressful things.

You’re faced with a seemingly insolvable mystery, Earth-wide peril and gruesome scenes where the dead still insist on donning a light jacket and heading down to Tesco for a ready meal and a jumbo-sized bag of Nurofen despite the fact that their arms are on backwards and they’ve only got half a face.

Given all the tension, it’s only to be expected that one of the only people able to help get to the bottom of ‘Miracle Day’ and the imminent danger it represents would jump off the treadmill, remove his nose from the grindstone and spend an entire evening grinding…er…something else.

Yes, in the middle of last night’s episode, Captain Jack Harkness abruptly ceases to investigate the burgeoning horror of the undying human race and the mystery of what (if any) implacable alien force is behind it all because he has ‘needs’: namely, the need to do it with a hunky barman.

It seemed like a bit of an odd, tacked on and faintly pointless addition to the storyline – equivalent to Bruce Willis getting off the Space Shuttle in Armageddon on his way to deal with the impending planet-killing asteroid because he realised he’d forgotten his copy of Razzle.

Last week, we really seemed to be getting somewhere: the Torchwood gang (all two of them) had been forcibly extradited to America, we learned that undead CIA agent Rex’s boss – the chubby fella from Jurassic Park – seemed to be under the control of shadowy forces and Jack’s repeated mention of ‘morphic fields’ suggested he had a clue about what was going on. Finally the appearance of Lauren Ambrose (Claire from Six Feet Under) as a sinister pharmaceutical rep/PR agent seemed to add even an even denser layer of intrigue to the overriding mystery at hand.

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