Candy Bar Girls Liveblog: Episode Three

Hello and welcome to the Candy Bar Girls week three liveblog. If you missed the action last week, don’t worry! I watched it for you like some kind of benevolent Lesbian God.You can catch up here on last week’s Candy Bar Girls episode 2 liveblog.

Incidentally, if there were lesbian gods they’d have the head of Shane from the L Word and the body of Lara Croft from Tomb Raider. I’ve given this matter quite a lot of thought.

After last week’s homage to Most Haunted, a.k.a. the entirely pointless ghost hunt in the Candy Bar, I’m anticipating this episode will contain crossovers with other hit television programmes. Maybe Danni will appear on ‘Strictly Come Pole Dancing’ and Shabby will go on Big Brothe…oh wait, hang on. Never mind.

So buckle your seat belts and let’s get ready to go into top gear. Who knows, maybe if tonight’s blog goes well Rach and Rox will come and dine with me. I’m also looking forward to seeing whether Danni fulfils her dream to be the next top model and whether Jo the apprentice teacher manages to leave her DJing past behind. Who knows: she might get fired for mocking the weak. And…er…the guy who owns the bar…um…something something Eastenders.

Sorry, think I took the telly metaphors a bit too far. See you at 10!


About Hilary Wardle
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