Candy Bar Girls Liveblog: Episode Four

It’s that time of week again where we don our ironic fedoras, short sleeved blazers and skinny jeans and pretend we live in Soho. To get in the mood I’m currently eating a Ukranian-Italian fusion takeaway I ordered from a simply lovely Venetian style frozen oxygen bar on Dean Street whilst listening to an all-female hipster punk band called Labia Majora play post-ironic Japanese pop versions of K.D. Lang songs on a stylophone.

Later, I’ll have a very public argument with my girlfriend and then change my distressed-ferret inspired designer hairstyle at an all-night barber/site specific outdoor theatre currently showing an all-female version of Equus starring Lindsay Lohan.

But before I get round to that I’ll be liveblogging tonight’s episode of Candy Bar Girls, so please come and join in with the fun from 10pm. If you missed last week’s action you can catch up here at the episode three liveblog. If you’re new to the world of livebloggery, I’ll be updating constantly so please hit refresh regularly to see the latest content and do leave your comments, observations, thoughts or suggestions for comedy theme tunes in the comment box below.

See you shortly!

9.55pm: I seem to have become a passive fan of ‘Cowboy Builders’, a truly strange programme that’s on before Candy Bar Girls. It’s like a cross between Ross Kemp on Gangs and Changing Rooms, hosted by Melinda Messenger and a man who looks like Sir Alan Sugar’s evil twin. It’s engrossingly odd- I might liveblog that next week instead.


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One Response to Candy Bar Girls Liveblog: Episode Four

  1. Laura says:

    Loving these liveblogs (or live logs as my iPhone autocorrect would have you believe). Might even manage to join the comments LIVE tonight thanks to the school holidays extending my bedtime by a good hour or so.

    Don’t know why the lesbilicious website refuses to link to my blog on my comments though. Maybe because my fringe isn’t big and/or gelled enough.

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