Candy Bar Girls Liveblog- Episode 2

If you want to catch up on the latest bit of lesbo frippery to hit British screens then look no further…this is an excerpt from my first Candy Bar Girl liveblog for Lesbilicious magazine.

Hello and welcome to our first Candy Bar Girls liveblog. Well, I say ‘first’: I actually covered last week’s episode on my personal site before being invited to do the rest over here at Lesbilicious HQ. It’s much nicer at Lesbilicious though: they have cushions shaped like Ellen Degeneres and everyone’s dressed as Xena. And look, there’s the cast of Lip Service bouncing past on rainbow coloured space hoppers! How lovely… *waves*

If you’re not familiar with livebloggery, our theme for the evening is ‘gentle mockery with a side order of fun-poking’. Reality TV as a format lends itself particularly well to jokes: especially if one of the people appearing on the series is dressed like a Victorian street urchin version of Shane from the L Word.

So put on your fedora, gel your fringe into an interesting shape (my personal preference is cloud-shaped-like-a-platypus. Or possibly ‘melted Mr Whippy’) and hold on tight. I’ll be updating constantly from 10pm: refresh the page for updates and if you have any thoughts, jokes or incomprehensible sexual yearnings for Shabby or any of the other -for want of a better word- ‘characters’, do let me know in the comment box so I can shake my head sadly, weep a bit and feel slightly alienated.

See you at 10!
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