Lip Service- Episode Two

Originally written for ace tellyblog Watch With Mothers.

As you perhaps remember, I was slightly less than complimentary about last week’s inaugural episode of Lip Service. Mainly because several of the actors were more wooden than a group of rainforests on holiday in a log cabin, but also because the plot was in equal parts ludicrous and entirely predictable (although the ‘sex in a morgue’ scene was a tad surprising).

However, I was repeatedly told by people – most notably the official Lip Service Twitter feed – that it would get better and, by all accounts, it did seem to be slightly less ridiculous this week.

In last night’ s episode, tousle-headed skeleton Frankie had to attend her aunt’s funeral even though she doesn’t get on well with the rest of the family, who perhaps objected to her bringing a camera. What’s she going to do: put the album on Facebook and tag the corpse in all the pictures?

In This Photo: Frankie. Dead Aunt. Angry Relatives

As well as photographing the corpse, she proceeded to steal all of the Ferrero Rocher at the wake – presumably to use as decorative baubles to lure ladies, as she doesn’t look like she’ s eaten so much as a Twiglet since 1993. Then, to top it off, she groped her petite, pale-faced ex, Kat, in front of everyone prompting a great big row.

It was like watching the Jeremy Kyle show: ‘ My Lesbian Niece Stole My Buffet- then Molested An Albino Dwarf!’

The tomfoolery at the funeral led Frankie to discover, in a rather roundabout way, that her aunt shipped off an album of her baby photos to a mysterious stranger just before she died. Do I sense another Jeremy Kyle-esque moment looming? “ I Thought My Parent(s) Were Dead- But They Weren’t! Then I Molested An Albino Dwarf.”

Luckily, we’re not entirely reliant on the massively implausible Frankie for all our entertainment needs. There are several other characters, most notably ‘struggling actress’ Tess – played surprisingly well by Fiona Button. Perhaps she, too, has been a struggling actress in her time (or possibly still is, depending on the reviews for this series).

Tess is in a relationship with stunningly pretty local daytime television host Lou, who is disappointingly well spoken. I’d have loved to have seen a version of This Morning fronted by someone a bit more authentically Glaswegian… (“Aye, you bampot, you’re nae wrong. Now lets go tae the f* cking commercials. Ah’ m fair gaspin’ for a pint o’Tennents’).

Lou doesn’t want anyone to know she’s seeing Tess as she’s worried about what the tabloids might say. Because, you know, the paparazzi are all about small scale, regional television hosts. It’d be another ‘ Diana moment’, for sure. Despite this, Lou lets Tess get a job as a runner on the television programme, where – being the ditzy character that she is – she does lots of ‘wacky’ things, like impersonating a drunk guest and demolishing a wedding cake. Ahahaha. Ha.

Her hopelessness is clearly fairly charming in some way, because it leads to some of the rudest jiggery pokery between two ladies I’ve ever seen on terrestrial TV (the internet, on the other hand, is a Whole Other Story). However, the scene where Lou, ahem, interfered with Tess’ bottom area was a direct steal from the first episode of Queer as Folk, proving yet again that there really is very little that’s truly original or groundbreaking about Lip Service.

In fact, I actually think the most groundbreaking thing about it isn’t its hot lesbian action, but rather the way it portrays Glasgow as a subtly beautiful merchant city rather than a scabby, pigeon-haunted wasteland filled with inebriated Rab C Nesbitt types. People will still pinch your bag, obviously. But in a stylish way.

I’m looking forward to next week’s episode. It might not be original, but there’s a lot to like about Lip Service. There’s also a lot to laugh at, which makes reviewing it a breeze. Kat, for example, using a website called Seriously? Can’t they afford Google in Glasgow? Or is it blocked like it is in China, so the inhabitants can’ t find out that there might be nicer places to live?



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  1. Amesjc says:

    I love your reviews! They do have me chuckling out loud 🙂

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