Doctor Who Series 5 GRAPH

I’m not entirely sure how much I’ve been enjoying this series of Doctor Who. As you may gather from previous posts, I’m torn between finding it a bit bumbling/rural/unsexy and enjoying the witty, imaginative storylines.

So, with that in mind, I done drawn a graff to illustrate my feelings, innit?

Hope that clears things up.


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5 Responses to Doctor Who Series 5 GRAPH

  1. Looks about right to me.

    • ladyribenaberet says:

      I’m always right, Craig.


      I anticipate a phone call inviting me to be the Boss of Everything in the very near future.

  2. Brumbren says:


    It saddens me that I have to disagree with you. This series of Dr Who has been the best since the return in 2005. It’s been consistent and Matt Smith is a truly excellent Doctor, while Amy’s a rather super companion.

    Having said that, the Mini Cooper Daleks were a bit cack. And I missed the Silurians’ two-parter due to a holiday and have yet to catch up.

    • ladyribenaberet says:

      Brumbren- I fear this will be a looooooooooong comment on my part!

      I agree that the writing in this series is the best its ever been. My enjoyment levels were utterly maxed out with the amazing Weeping Angels episodes, not to mention the fabby Eleventh Hour. And I loved the Vincent ep too. It should really have been equal to Eleventh hour on the chart- I’m just not good at drawing.

      However, I stand by my ‘low point’ as I found the Dalek episode really daft. Spitfires in Space? Hunchback techno-daleks? Sigh.

      There was no need to redesign the Daleks- although I liked their scary voices. If it ain’t broke, etc. And I do think the TARDIS interior looks very cheap and shonky this series, but that’s just fangirl bitching and isn’t really relevant. The stories and acting are the only thing that matters.

      I didn’t feel the plot was well paced in Hungry Earth/Cold Blood two parter hence my low scoring. I found the first part a bit dull and the second part exciting-but-very-rushed. Would be interested to hear what you think of it!

      I do think Matt Smith is a very good doctor. I much prefer him to Eccleston. But his voice and mannerisms slightly annoy me. He’s like an adenoidal, clumsy public schoolboy.

      I also think he’s far too bumbling and mistake-prone and not nearly scary enough. Isn’t he also meant to be the scourge of the Daleks, the Oncoming Storm, all rage and fire and raaaargh? Matt Smith only seems to show that by occasionally shouting slightly loudly.

      BUT- a) I don’t like change b) I’m in love with David Tennant and c) I once wrote a piece of Doctor Who fan fiction, a fact which disqualifies me from ever having an opinion of mine taken seriously again.

  3. Joe says:

    My own graph would have “The Beast Below/the Space Whale We’re Riding” as the low point of the season, with “Victory of the Daleks” scoring much higher. The Daleks have been tweaked periodically throughout history, so I wasn’t really offended at the new, hunchbacked pepperpots. (The Spitfires in space were ludicrous beyond the telling of it, though.)

    I’m glad someone else is underwhelmed by the new TARDIS interior.

    And good call on “The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood” there wasn’t enough plot for two episodes, so part one was liberally padded. That sort of thing happened a lot in the old days, so think of it as “homage” to the classic series.

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