Tories? Gay Friendly? Don’t Make Me Laugh

I think this year’s election will go down in history as the biggest media circus of all time. However, for me, the gaffes, Epic Fails and successive facepalm moments (including Bigotgate) all pale into insignificance compared to the Tory Party’s homophobia.

David Cameron’s bumbling attempt at an interview with the Gay Times is horribly wince-inducing, even more so in the light of shadow home secretary Chris Grayling’s comment that B+B owners should have the right to turn away gay couples and the recent revelation that  Tory candidate Phillipa Stroud’s ran prayer sessions to ‘cure’ gay people.

It’s rather chilling, to be honest. The fleshy human mask of the Conservative party has repeatedly slipped, exposing the clinking, whirring circuitry and glowing red eyes beneath. These aren’t people, they’re Daleks. They’ll say anything to get into power. The hamfisted attempt by the Tories to win over gays is as ludicrous as the BNP visiting local mosques in an attempt to get more muslim votes.

And worryingly, I do know a few gay people who seem to have been taken in and who intend to vote Tory. Why? So they have the majority needed to deny you your basic rights? So Cameron can grab your hard earned tax and use it to create more ‘faith schools’ ? Yep, you heard me right: under Cameron’s plans, faith groups could apply to operate new schools using taxpayers’ money.

Nick Clegg, as part of his campaign, argued that faith schools should be compelled to teach that homosexuality is normal and to implement anti-homophobic bullying strategies. In response, a ‘faith schools’ spokesman said:

”Not only is Nick Clegg showing a woeful lack of respect for faith schools, but he is also totally disregarding the deeply-held views of parents. ‘The vast majority of parents do not want their children’s schools to be turned into vehicles to promote positive images of homosexual relationships.”

So, Dave, you want to use my money to pay for schools that will teach children I’m a horrible, grubby, dirty person and that my relationship is less valid than yours? Well, you can sod right off, frankly. I’d rather tear up my ballot paper and eat it rather than cast a vote for you. We may as well just let Jan Moir run the country and have done with it.

Please folks, don’t be taken in by the new, rainbow coloured ‘we love the gays’  Tory Party. It’s all a ruse. They’re the same old malevolent, robotic monsters underneath.

Tory Party candidate for Sutton East


About Hilary Wardle
Hilary is a freelance journalist and copywriter who writes for a wide range of websites, magazines and newspapers, including Buzzfeed, MSN, The Poke, Chortle, the Guardian and the Independent. She specialises in arts and entertainment, comedy, video games and viral content. Contact her at

5 Responses to Tories? Gay Friendly? Don’t Make Me Laugh

  1. Lab Rat says:

    Well said! Totally agree with you.

  2. tobystone says:

    You are an extremely good writer Hils, I feel all proud of you (and absolutely agree on the gay stuff *nod*)

    Katie Bremner here btw – just logged in on Toby’s blog name thingy…

  3. Phil Ruse says:

    Actually what he wants to do is allow groups of people to be allowed to set up their own schools which, as you point out could in theory mean “faith groups” setting up said schools – which is why the plan is flawed – or it could mean a group of people sharing your own outlook setting up a school 🙂

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