Hotpoint WIXXE127: #1 in the Twitter Trending Topic Series

I don’t know how much you know about Twitter, so I’ll introduce you:

“Twitter, this is Random Reader number 31. Random reader is taller than 5 feet, but shorter than 7 feet. He or she has eyes. Possibly two. Random reader’s interest probably include washing machines.”

“Random reader, this is Twitter. Twitter is a microblogging site where people post short updates about what they’re doing. If enough people are talking about the same thing, it makes it into the ‘trending topics’ section.”

(Random reader and Twitter smile at each other politely and shuffle their feet a bit. Twitter mimes drinking a pint. Random reader nods, then looks to me for help)

“Random reader likes beer, wine, spirits and/or is teetotal. Oh, and mine’s a lager. Thanks, Twitter.”

So why, I hear you ask, is Hotpoint WixxE127 at the top of the trending topics right this very second? Well, to be honest, I haven’t got the tiniest clue. Not the foggiest. Most of the people ‘mentioning’ the Hotpoint WixxE127 are just doing it to attract attention, in the manner of ‘LOL, going out 2nite gonna av a large one hotpoint wixxe127’.

From what I can tell, it’s an adequate, standard washing machine: white, sort of squarish. They’ve not really pushed the envelope very far, design-wise. If it were me, I’d design a bright purple, globular washing machine powered by household dust, potato peelings and cat hair. However, this yawn-inducing, uninspired box-shaped bore-fest is nothing but a blatant rip-off of MY washing machine (although mine isn’t filled with magical glowing towels).

Look at it. It’s like towel Narnia in there.

Another glance at Twitter hasn’t enlightened me as to why this is a trending topic. Although @Flying_hei seems to have hit the nail on the head with this deeply philosophical tweet:

Flying_hei: why the hell is Hotpoint WIXXE127 trending? Apart from the fact numptys like me are tweeting this lol! Hotpoint washing machines are crap.

Or to put it another way:

“If a Hotpoint Wixxe127 reaches the top of the trending topics, but no one tweets about it, does it stay there?”

Let’s hope not.


About Hilary Wardle
Hilary is a freelance journalist and copywriter who writes for a wide range of websites, magazines and newspapers, including Buzzfeed, MSN, The Poke, Chortle, the Guardian and the Independent. She specialises in arts and entertainment, comedy, video games and viral content. Contact her at

15 Responses to Hotpoint WIXXE127: #1 in the Twitter Trending Topic Series

  1. I did some frantic Twitter searching, because I am more dedicated than you, and this appears to be the first tweet of a burst of similar spammy ones: (Slightly helped by the coinciding Big Hadron Collider, probably.)

    • ladyribenaberet says:

      Wow- thanks for your tireless research, Joshua. You deserve a gold star. Or possibly a free Hotpoint WIXXE127, complete with magic towels…

  2. grakmlakgrak says:

    Hotpoint WIXXE127 can someone trend this as i have no foloowers and dont have clue what im fucking doing but this is not spam its genuine lol fail founf by me! its on icanhas and heres a short url for it- someone make my joke fly please? Its not a photoshop effort grabbed str8 from the BBC.
    Hotpoint WIXXE127v

    • ladyribenaberet says:

      Sorry- I can’t make that link trend.I don’t have the power. It takes millions of retweets to climb to the top of the magical mountain of Trending Topics. But I will tweet your link as it’s a very good Failblog pic- did you really make it yourself? If so, well done! It’s much more deserving of fame than a washing machine…

      • grakmlakgrak says:

        its just a capture from his bbc speech today- i think the cameraman who positioned it just right should take the credit!

  3. grakmlakgrak says:

    hotpoint WiXXE127 translates to german as hotpoin SPUNK127 if you were really wonderin

    • ladyribenaberet says:

      That’s great!! I really was wondering. Thanks! It all makes sense now. I’m very pleased to hear that Hotpoint have made a Spunk Machine.

  4. grakmlakgrak says:

    tweet my epic fail as way of thanks!

  5. grakmlakgrak says:

    Uuunnggghh <—- twitter username, thats my icanhas page anyway

  6. mark says:

    Well here’s the exact answer

    Funny thing was, it was actually supposed to be an Indesit not a Hotpoint

    • ladyribenaberet says:

      BY THE POWER OF ICODES! Gosh, so it was all fuelled by auto-submissions by discount code sites. I’m disappointed, as I found grakmlakgrak’s assertion that it the product name meant ‘spunk’ in German a bit more appealling. But now we know!

  7. pjw says:

    This is what it’s all about. The internet is every bit as random as we are. Deus ex machina.

  8. Paul says:


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